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Hi! I'm Rachael! I specialize in pragmatic research strategy, and I want to know what actually works for you. 


I am dedicated to making my research highly accessible and easy to use so that that people can make informed decisions. In my work, I take a "democratic approach" to research and analysis, meaning I make the method fit the madness--I create frameworks designed to measure what is meaningful, and I help people identify actionable solutions that make change possible and sustainable. The people I serve always come first, and the systems I help build are designed to improve the quality of everyday life.


I have 15+ years experience in applied research and a background in institutional and technical communication, and I currently work out of the Washington D.C. area where I help government and corporate clients bring organization to messy and ambitious projects. My recent work focuses on human centered (big) data design, data quality and interoperability in healthcare IT, and reporting systems development.

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